Nixie (deep inside) is a contemporary dance solo where the protagonist, Nixie, a representation of femininity, interacts with characters created from light and sound, presences who will immerse ourselves in the depths of the ocean in search of the most essential and intangible particle of her identity, the self and that which conforms it. We face nostalgia for oblivion transforming past shadows into new forms where their essence still persists.

Dance, image and sound are meant to transport the spectator to an energetic journey; an explosion of light from the clandestine darkness of the party.

Direction and choreography: Eulàlia Bergadà
Interpretation: Eulàlia Bergadà
Composition and musical interpretation: Ferran Echegaray, Carlos Gallardo, Marc Naya
Electronic composition: Marc Naya
Texts: Ferran Echegaray
Design and dressmaking: Claire O’Keefe
Lighting and video: Carles Rigual
Video design: Edu Pérez
Photo: Garcia Jaione
Executive production: Anna Bohigas and Inés Lambisto

Acknowledgments: La Poderosa, La Piconera, El Granero, Lipi Hernández, Marta Galan and Nicolas Hermansen.


Project presented at Dans Brabans, Tilburg (Holland), within Sala Hiroshima’s  INEXCHANGE program (Barcelona).

Residence in: Sala Hiroshima, Teatros del Canal (Madrid), Sa Manga Auditorium (Mallorca), La Blanca (Barcelona).