In Flying Pigs we start a trip around The Catharsis. We enter the chaos of matter to bring out the senses in search of an ephemeral moment of beauty and pleasure. A path of effort and renunciation in which the sacrifice of emotions is inevitable. These emotions come from past parameters that cling to who we were yesterday and block ourselves in such a certain way that we must dismantle or distort in order to become a new one: the desired one.

The places that inspire the vitality of the piece arise from folkloric, sacred and artistic references coming from the collective imagination as popular festivals, concerts or clubs, family reunions, religious festivities, traditions such as the Mallorcan pig – slaughter or works of art such as the Sistine Chapel. Singing and dancing have always been present in different social and cultural contexts, working as mirrors that activate the traffic between what is interior and exterior, where flesh and spirit experience  the sensual and intangible knowledge of a new transformation, which is the essence of any act of creation.

According to the individual experience,  these referents are juxtaposed in Flying Pigs in a dreamlike way allowing the emanation of new images, thus creating a game of poetic transfer of images, sounds and concepts that come together to lead to the cathartic act of giving the audience an emotional burst.

Direction and Choreography: Eulàlia Bergadà Sierra
Performers: Eulàlia Bergadà, Marc Naya, Ferran Echegaray, Núria Navarra, Carlos Gallardo, Anna Hierro, Aloma Ruiz
Musical Composition: Aloma Ruiz, Javier Cárcel, Ferran Echegaray, Carlos Gallardo, Eulalia Bergadà
Dramaturgy: Tanya Beyeler
Scenography and Costumes: Joana Martí Lighting: Ganecha Gil
Photography: Carlos Martorell