A contemprary dance piece in the form of a dreamlike delirium offering a journey that starts in inner darkness and ends in light. It won the 2015 Dance Prize from the Institut del Teatre.

As the title suggests, this piece explores festive delirium, mystical febrosity and physiological disorder, which is one of the corner stones of the production. The choreographer and dancer Eulàlia Bergadà takes us on a visual and aural journey revolving round the concept of delirium, understood as a cathartic state (simultaneously liberating and destructive) propelled by the illusory fascination that enables a fetish of any kind, whether sacred or profane, to sweep us along and bewitch us with its promise of happiness, of unlimited ecstasy. The disorder triggered by this delirium succeeds in passing through the body to summon up various landscapes, “gardens of delights” and “earthly paradises” that can be, are, hells or torture chambers. These give rise to frenzied movement that transforms the gold of dreams into the dust of bodies. Allegorical images based on the ideas of desire, light, flesh and dream create places of innocence, perversion, euphoria and passion, changing mystical and religious experiences in frenzies of lust and vanity. The project that won the first Dance Prize, an award created by the Institut del Teatre to bring attention to young creators and performers and help them with production and exposure.

2015 Institut del Teatre Dance Prize, with the collaboration of the GREC Festival de Barcelona, the Mercat de les Flors, the Fundación SGAE, the Institut Ramon Llull and the Graner.

A coproduction by the Institut del Teatre, GREC Festival Barcelona, Teatre Principal de Palma and Morlanda Creaciones SL.

Direction and choreography: Eulàlia Bergadà Serra
Direction advisor: Lipi Hernández
Dramaturgical advisor: Roberto Fratini
Performers: Eulàlia Bergadà, Joaquin Collado, Marina Fullana, Raquel Klein and Aloma Ruiz
Musical composition: Aloma Ruiz
Costumes: Joana Martí / Yadira García
Set: Guillermo Santomà
Lighting design: Ganecha García y Sergio Roca
Video design and photography: Edu Pérez
Assistant choreographer: Anna Hierro
Executive producer: Anna Bohigas

Supported by Mercat de les Flors, Fundació SGAE, Institut Ramon Llull,
Graner Centre de Creació & La Poderosa.

Thanks to: Jo Ryan, Rosa Esteve, Jose Menchero, Tanya Beyeler, Nestor Reina, Enertiz Zeberio, Marc Naya, Jordi Font, Amanda Rubio, Oskar luko, Aran Casadevall, Igone Lopez i Rocio Saro