Dancer, choreographer, director and teacher.

01 Intro.

Eulàlia Bergadà
Palma, April 3, 1985
Eulàlia Bergadà is a dancer and choreographer. A dancer who knows herself dancing, shivering with the mastery of a numb muscle. The actualisation of the forms, the energetic journey, the leakages of the pelvic floor and the references to the classical ballet are a constant in the artist’s work. Her pieces are the result of years of research on the same work material: the body and its mechanics as a way to achieve an energy efflux. The role of emotion and fantasy would enter here, giving an utopian use to this gasifying body. It is in this porosity that the technique offers, where the movement of Eulàlia Bergadà is installed, a movement that goes towards the vibratory, lucid adventure in the kinetic-energetic relationship.
The career of the Mallorcan choreographer is articulated in a kind of thematic accumulations; from the folklore backgrounds that link mysticism and sacrifice, in an attempt to a cathartic body, to the festive and fetishistic universe as a channel to free the body from its own forms. We would say that Bergadà’s universe scales between the organs and the skin, key pieces for the conformation of a figure that overflows. The figure is no longer a shell that the dancer must inhabit but a starting track, a figure that holds itself with the sole objective of ending up expelling its own creative principle. Eulàlia Bergadà is blood, heart and vulva, overexcitement inside and outside the body, somatising any formal option to be able, perhaps, to put energy before the technique.
Xavier Manubens

02 Bio.

Dance is a fundamental and essential epicenter in my life. A discipline that I unconsciously chose and that, today, I see beyond itself. For this reason, dance has become the support where I can reflect and understand life, discover it, give it meaning and transform it according to my wishes.
Graduated in Choreography and Interpretation, also in Classical and Contemporary Dance and post-graduate in the IT Dansa company, I did all my professional studies at the Institut del Teatre in Barcelona. Parallelly, I have always worked as a dancer, choreographer or movement assistant with various creators who transit the worlds of the performing arts and the opera, which has led me to collaborate with artists such as the United Cowboys company (Holland), Tanya Beyeler, Lipi Hernández, Aimar Pérez Galí, Pere Faura, Xavi Martínez, Joan Fullana, Albert Mestres, Cristina Arenas, Laura Pujolàs; or Paco Azorín and Carlos Martos in the opera field. Besides, one of the other things that has helped and motivated me when creating and interacting with audiences is my aspect as a teacher where I have worked in different centers.
In 2015 I created my own company through which I carry out different projects and works. I like to work as an artisan, uniting the sources of knowledge that I am achieving in my relationship with the profession, the environment and myself, to feed my personal fantasy universe and be able to materialise it for an audience. It is thanks to research on movement, form, space, sound, aesthetics and imagination, and artistic ties with other professionals that I am able to enrich the dialogue between the elements that make up the scene and, above all, the sensitive and dreamlike journey that becomes; the purpose is to invite the public to move and be moved.
Eulalia Bergadà

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