Nixie (deep inside)

Direction and choreography 2018
Premiered January 19, 2018 at Sala Hiroshima (Barcelona)
Nixie: a woman? A goddess? A mermaid? the representation of the female shadow. With her we immerse ourselves on a journey to the bottom of the ocean in search of the most essential particle of the soul. We face the nostalgia of oblivion to follow the passage of time, leaving behind past forms, but never the very essence. Through dance, image and sound we want to transport the viewer on an energetic journey, an explosion of light from the clandestine darkness of the party. Metaphors and allegories that lower us to the depths of the psyche to plunge into chaos, laugh and free ourselves from the darkness that we all share which happens to be a great source of creativity and catharsis.

Artistic team.

Direction and choreography: Eulàlia Bergadà
Performer: Eulàlia Bergadà
Musicians: Ferran Echegaray, Carlos Gallardo, Marc Naya
Music composition: Marc Naya
Lyrics: Ferran Echegaray
Lighting and video design: Carles Rigual
Costume design: Claire O’Keefe
Photographer: Jaione García
Teaser: Edu Pérez
Production: Anna Bohigas, Inés Lambisto

The artist and her supports; the movement and its exhaustion; the music and its meanings… and like a siren, mythological and capricious creature, drags its audience at the bottom of the scattered references with which she floods this excellent solo.
Jordi Sora, TimeOut
This delicate, almost supernatural and intimate show is recommended for dance lovers. A jewel of dance that shines with its own light.
Laura Clemente, Ona Cultural Sants